SWS Capital Berhad (“SWSCAP”) believes that introducing environmental, social and corporate governance (“ESG”) considerations in its business decisions is essential to creating value for its stakeholders and to developing a more sustainable long term strategy for the company. With a vision of creating enduring policies, procedures and practices, SWSCAP will work closely with management to build businesses with a sustainable future. SWSCAP will make constant effort to increase research and development spending, to invest in education and training of its employees, to implement an ethical set of policies and procedures and to develop plans that take environmental and social issues into consideration. Hence, SWSCAP’s commitment towards environmental, social and corporate governance issues is strong and hands-on, and its effort a small but important step towards a more sustainable society.


  SWSCAP recognises that its activities have an impact on the environment and its policy is to limit this impact as far as possible. SWSCAP is committed to ensuring that its business is environmentally responsible, energy efficient and puts its best efforts to achieve continuous improvements.
SWSCAP recognises that its key environmental impacts are the:
  a) emission of greenhouse gases;
  b) generation of waste and hazardous materials;
  c) use of energy, water, manufactured products and natural resources.
To address key issues of environmental concern and minimise its environmental impact, SWSCAP is committed to:
  a) minimising its emissions of other greenhouse gases and becoming as close to carbon neutrality as possible;
  b) reduce the production of and recycle waste;
  c) efficiently use energy, water, manufactured products (e.g. paper) and natural resources;
  d) centralize monitoring of the electricity usage of all offices to identify energy waste;
  e) source products that are made from sustainable sources or recycled materials or that are designed to be easy to reuse or recycle wherever practicable;
  f) eliminating, where possible, the use of products made from unsustainable natural resources (i.e. plastic bottles);
  SWSCAP has developed internal communication processes aimed at promoting environmental awareness and improving staff education and involvement. SWSCAP is considering this policy in all relevant decisions including procurement of supplies and incorporating specific environmental requirements into its contracts with appropriate suppliers. Furthermore, SWSCAP is monitoring, reviewing and publicly reporting on its environmental performance.


SWSCAP aims to ensure proper labour and working conditions, to safeguard the health and safety of the employees and to promote the social development of the communities in which operates. In particular, SWSCAP:
  a) is fully committed to equal opportunities and diversity and values its people for their skills, experience and potential regardless of gender, sexual, orientation, age, race, colour, ethnic origin, religion or disability;
  b) believes in recruiting, developing and retaining the best talent from the widest pool in order to promote a stimulating, rewarding and inclusive environment where everyone’s contribution is recognised, valued and respected;
  c) supports and respects the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights;
  d) does not use directly or indirectly forced labour or child labour and provides the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.
  e) allows consultative work-place structure and associations which provide employees with an opportunity to present their view to management;
  f) assesses the health and safety risks arising from work activities and take appropriate actions to eliminate or reduce related risks;
  g) is committed to consider requests from any employee for non standard working arrangements within reason (i.e. maternity/paternity/ parental leave);
  h) encourages contributions of its employees to charities organizations.

SWSCAP aims to create for its people a harmonious working environment and wishes to maintain the highest standards of integrity with everyone with whom it deals. SWSCAP continues to encourage a culture that values meritocracy, openness, fairness and transparency. All the managers and employees are responsible for the promotion and advancement of this policy and any behavior that transgresses this policy is not tolerated. These values apply to all of SWSCAP processes relating to employment, training, development, performance management and rewards.



SWSCAP is fully committed to:
  a) comply with all applicable laws and promote international best practice, including those laws and international best practice standards intended to prevent extortion, bribery and financial crime;
  b) exhibit honesty, integrity, fairness and respect in all its business dealings;
  c) deal with regulators in an open and co-operative manner;
  d) prohibit all employees from making or receiving gifts of substance in the course of business;
  e) prohibit contributions to political parties or political candidates, where these could constitute conflicts of interest;
  f) prohibit the making of payments as improper inducement to confer preferential treatment;
  g) use information received from its principals in the best interests of the business relationship and not for personal financial gain by any employee;
  h) clearly define responsibilities, procedure and controls;
  i) promote transparency and accountability grounded in sound business ethics;
  j) identify conflicts of interest and avoid or report them in line with its agreements with stakeholders and industry best practices;
  k) properly record, report and review financial and tax information;
  l) use effective systems of internal control and risk management covering all significant issues, including environmental, social and ethical issues;
  m) make every effort to meet stakeholders’ expectations, facilitate their access to information and provide them with clear and transparent information based on regular and value-added reporting;
  n) implement a social and environmental management system which enables effective identification, management and monitoring of any risks and provides a framework for action;
  o) adhere to a policy of long-term responsible investing.


This policy is to be reviewed by the Board as required.