Established in Penang, Malaysia in the year 1994, our company has evolved into a major forerunner in the household plasticware industry with its proven capabilities, and achievements with the distribution coverage of its product "Elianware".

With over 1,300 products, we are constantly introducing innovative eye-catching plasticware designs frequently to appeal to the mass market. Most of Elianware’s plasticware are labeled as BPA-free, with the exception of those manufactured from Polycarbonates (PC). As an experienced plastic container supplier, we understand that good design and product innovation builds consumer loyalty and trust.

We offer a wide range of housewares to our customers and end-consumers. We believe one of our competitive strengths is our capability and capacity to design, develop, produce, introduce and commercialize a comprehensive range of plasticwares to accommodate all our consumers’ housewares needs and requirements.